Distribute Worker Hire Package


The Worker Hire Package consists of all employment forms that must be completed by the participant or representative and workers when hiring a workers. This package is only for consumers who choose to hire workers.

A new participant will receive the Worker Hire Package from the F/EA or their Counselor only after <<insert any criteria here for distributing the Hire Package; e.g. in some programs a budget has to be issued first>>.  The participant will be trained by the Counselor at the first intake meeting. The Counselor will review each form with the counsumer, helping the participant to understand and to complete them.

Existing consumers receive their supply of employment packages from their Counselor or F/EA as they request packages to hire new workers. Packages must be sent to consumers the same business day that the request is made.

Distribution of Updated Worker Hire packages:
When a new version of a form included in the package is released from the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Homeland Security or other agency, an updated Worker Hire package must made available. Forms in the Worker Hire package are updated at least annually because new versions of Forms W-4 and W-5 are released for each calendar year or if regulatory changes warrant an update.
Upon request, F/EA submits a copy of the Worker Hire Package to Program Administrator.
Distribute Packages to Consumers at their Request
Use this process to distribute packages to consumers if they request them from F/EA. F/EA will only distribute packages to new consumers after <<insert program criteria here>>. F/EA distributes packages to approved consumers the same business day of receiving the request.
  1. When a participant contacts F/EA to request a package, <<Staff Title>> (or assigned staff member) records the call and request in Customer Service module of the F/EA system.
  2. <<Staff Title>> verifies in Payroll System that the participant has a <<met program criteria to be allowed to hire staff>>.
    • If the participant has <<met necessary program criteria>>, proceed with mailing Worker Hire package
    • If the participant has not <<met necessary program criteria>>, inform them that a package cannot be mailed to them until the participant <<meets necessary program criteria>>
  1. <<Staff Title>> sends out packages before the end of the day that the participant’s request is received.
  2. <<Staff Title>> prepares package to be mailed.
    • Place packages in envelope and address the envelope to the most current participant or representative mailing address.
    • Put the package in the outgoing mail box.
  3. <<Staff Title>> records in the Customer Service module that packages were sent and the date sent.
Distribution of Employment Packages when there is a Form Change
The standard, most-up-to-date Worker Hire package is distributed to Counselors and all active consumers in the program after any forms have been replaced with new versions of the form.
  1. After identifying that a new version of a form will be implemented, <<Staff Title>> (or assigned staff member) prints two copies of the updated form and a copy of the instructions. Completes a copy of the form as a sample for consumers to follow. Both the Blank updated form and the completed sample form placed   in the Forms Control Binder stored at Customer Service Unit
  2. <<Staff Title>> updates the Employee Packet Control Sheet to record the date the form is updated.
  3. Copy front and back of all forms which were changed in Worker Hire package and or F/EA Start up Package, including samples and instructions.
  4. The <<Staff Title>> determines how many copies are required.
  5. <<Staff Title>>, or assigned staff member, writes a detailed letter to each Counselor and participant to accompany the  updated forms
  6. This letter includes:
  •  Descriptions of any changes on the forms
  •  Step by step instructions to complete the forms
  •  Instructions to use these new forms for any new workers that will be hired
  •  Notification of the implementation date of any new forms with instructions to only use new packages as of the implementation date
  • A template for this letter is saved here: <<File Path>>
  1.  The <<Staff Title>> reviews a single sample package to be sent for completeness and accuracy.
  2. <<Staff Title>> mails updated packages and a letter from the <<Staff Title>> to each Counselor and active participant
  • Counselors use packages in trainings and when a participant requests Worker Hire packages from the Counselor.
Internal Controls: 

The internal controls used by F/EA to monitor this process establish responsibility, segregate duties, document procedures and ensure independent internal verification.

The methods of internal control utilized by F/EA to distribute Worker Hire packages are:
  1. A control document is used to track checking for updated forms at least monthly.
    • Staff verifies that new forms have been looked for at relevant agency websites at least monthly
  2. The <<Staff Title>> reviews the updated Employee Packet prior to sending it to consumers or counselors.