Mains’l is committed to providing Equal Employment Opportunities to all employees and applicants. Mains’l recognizes that employees and/or applicants may need a reasonable accommodation to perform essential job functions due to pregnancy, nursing, disability, or other reason. A reasonable accommodation is an adjustment based on need that allows individuals to complete all essential job duties that does not cause undue hardship to Mains’l. 

Mains’l reviews requests for accommodation to essential job functions in a fair and non-discriminatory manner. The employee and/or applicant is responsible for requesting a reasonable accommodation and requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Mains’l may ask for documentation from a medical provider to be presented to show need for the accommodation. Once the request is provided, Mains’l has the right to request additional medical information or other clarifying information needed to make an informed decision. Mains’l has the right to have medical information reviewed by a medical expert of the agency’s choosing at the agency’s expense. 


The goal of this procedure is to provide guidance which establishes steps around a timely process where Mains’l will collaborate with employees and/or applicants to explore reasonable accommodations. 

To request a reasonable accommodation, submit in writing a request to your supervisor. All requests must have the following information (applicants to seek a request from HR):

  1. Who is making the request for accommodation (must be employee and/or applicant) 
  2. What specific reasonable accommodation is needed
  3. Why reasonable accommodation is needed
  4. Clarify how the accommodation will assist the employee or applicant to complete essential job duties
  5. Expected amount of time the accommodation is needed. For example, 3 months or permanently
  6. Documentation from a medical provider if applicable

For employees, the supervisor is to review the request and send the request to Human Resources for approval or denial. As HR receives requests from applicants, HR will partner with interviewing supervisors to share the request. Human Resources will guide the supervisor on next steps and expectations.

Human Resources review the request and determine:

  1. If more information is needed
  2. If the request is reasonable 
  3. Next steps and expectations for the supervisor

Once all information is received and within a reasonable time frame, a determination of approval, denial or alternative accommodation is sent to the employee or applicant within 10 working days. 

Mains’l will check in periodically with the employee to ensure that the accommodation is effective. If the accommodation is not effective, Mains’l will reengage in an interactive process.

Rev. 3/13/2019, HR Policy Team