Reimbursement for Mileage and Expenses


Mains’l reimburses employees for approved mileage and expenses while they are working. Reimbursement for mileage and expenses is included on an employee’s paystub, which is direct deposited. The reimbursement is not taxed nor is it applied to any payroll deductions such as medical, dental, disability, garnishments or 401(k) contributions.


In alignment with our company Mission, Vision, and Values, the people we serve use public transportation, subsidized transportation and passenger vehicles when using community services. Public transportation and subsidized transportation are often the first transportation method used. If those options are not feasible, and if the services provided allow for mileage reimbursement, employees may be asked to use their vehicle.

It is the policy of Mains’l to reimburse the employee for mileage according to a per mile formula. All employees receive approval from their supervisor before using their vehicle for reimbursable travel. In accordance with federal regulations, employees may not be reimbursed for the first or last trips made during a workday. These trips are considered commutes and are not reimbursable through either Mains’l Services, Inc. or the IRS.


Employees do not use their own money to supplement the resources of the people whom they serve or the program in which they work. Program money is available at selected programs and is used for the benefit of the people served. The immediate supervisor is responsible for the disbursement and accounting of the money.

In some situations, employees of Mains’l Services may have out of pocket expenses and be eligible for reimbursement of their expenses. The employee receives approval from the immediate supervisor before spending any personal money and the approved expenses are incurred while the employee is performing job responsibilities.

  1. All use of personal vehicles or personal funds for business purposes must have prior approval of the immediate supervisor. Every approved work-related vehicle trip can be documented in the “My log” area of Sandata’s timesheet and reimbursement system. Every expense is logged in our online tracking system.
    1. Each time an employee uses their vehicle for work related purposes, they can enter this information in Sandata. They will need to include the dates of travel, destination, and total trip miles. The total miles are multiplied by the reimbursement rate and the resulting number is the amount of reimbursement.
    2. Each time an employee uses their own funds for purchases; they will need to submit an image of their receipt and submit the information into Sandata.  
    3. The supervisor will then review these entries and approve the entries for reimbursement.  
  2. The due date for all expenses and mileage is consistent with the due date of entries for time worked of Mains’l’s payroll calendar. The calendar is sent to all employees at the beginning of the year, and given to new employees at orientation. The calendar is also in Sandata Crews Quarter’s document center in the payroll information folder.  
  3. The deadline for reimbursement of expenses, including reimbursement for mileage, is one (1) month after the due date. If submissions are not put into Sandata by that time, they may not be paid at any time.