Heat Illness Prevention


Mains'l is committed to complying with all applicable laws and ensuring that employees avoid heat illness while working outside. Heat illness may begin with mild symptoms and progress quickly to signs of serious and life-threatening illness. All employees who work outdoors and are reasonably anticipated to be exposed to the risk of heat illness will be provided detailed training before starting work involving a risk of heat illness.

This policy ensures that employees working outdoors understand they are allowed and encouraged to take preventative cool-down rest periods in provided shaded areas whenever they feel the need to protect themselves from overheating.

You may also be asked to take a cool-down rest period if you are observed having any signs of heat illness. Access to shade is permitted at all times. Cool-down periods are not limited in frequency and are considered time worked.


When taking a preventative cool-down rest period:

  • You will be monitored and asked if you are experiencing any symptoms of heat illness.
  • You will be encouraged to remain in the shade.
  • You will not be requested back to work until any signs or symptoms of heat illness have abated, but in no event sooner than five minutes after accessing shade, excluding the time needed to access the shade.

The Company provides fresh, pure, and suitably cool drinking water at no charge. When the work environment is hot, you are encouraged to frequently drink small cups of water, with up to four cups (one quart or more) per hour recommended, to stay hydrated.

The Company has in place effective emergency response procedures if you show signs or report symptoms of heat illness while taking a preventative cool-down rest period.

You must immediately report to your Manager if you experience any symptoms or signs of heat illness or see signs of heat illness in co-workers so that the Company can respond with medical attention, as appropriate.

The Company will not discriminate or retaliate against employees who take preventative cool-down rest periods in accordance with this policy.