Employee Grievance


Mains'l is committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all employees; to provide a work environment that fosters meaningful work for employees. Mains'l wants to hear from you. We welcome any suggestions, feedback, or concerns you may have. To this end, a continual stream of communication between employees and their co-workers is encouraged.

Effort is expected to be made by an employee and supervisor to resolve any and all work conflicts.

When the issue personally involves the supervisor with whom the employee would ordinarily discuss the problem, the employee may bypass that individual and proceed to the next level of supervision. At any time the advice and guidance of the Human Resources Generalist or the Director of Human Resources may be consulted.

All employees use sound judgment in resolving work related conflicts. If a problem arises which cannot be resolved through conversations between the employee and the supervisor, the grievance procedure should be implemented.

Mains’l doesn’t take any adverse action against anyone who in good faith brings grievances forward.


The following steps should be followed when an employee has a job-related problem, question or complaint:

  1. Under normal conditions, Mains’l employees talk to the person with whom you have the job-related problem, question or complaint. The simplest, quickest and most satisfactory solution often will be reached at this level.
  2. If you are not able to resolve the complaint, problem, or get your questions answered directly to the person, the next step is to go to your supervisor or the supervisor of the person you spoke to that did not resolve the issue with you.

If an employee feels they have been treated unfairly or if they disagree with the decision of their supervisor, an employee may have their questions or concerns addressed by the process outlined in this procedure. The employee initiates the grievance within ten (10) calendar days of the event.

The employee submits written documentation describing the problem and the efforts attempted to resolve the complaint to their supervisor’s supervisor. If the grievance involves a suspension or separation of employment, the grievance is submitted to the Human Resources Generalist.

The supervisor’s supervisor or Human Resources Generalist will respond, in writing, as soon as possible after the grievance is received. A meeting between the concerned individual(s) may be utilized to assist in the recommendation or decision. Documentation of any meetings or conversations is the responsibility of the person with whom the grievance was submitted.

This action will not prejudice the employee's interest in any manner.


  1. The employee writes up and submits a report describing why they believe they were treated unfairly. The report includes any documents or statements to support the grievance.
  2. The employee submits their report to their supervisor’s supervisor or Human Resources Generalist within ten (10) days of the event first giving rise to the grievance.
  3. The supervisor’s supervisor and Human Resources Generalist will conduct an investigation into the allegation(s) and provide feedback to the employee.