Employee Feedback Including Exit Surveys


Mains’l’s most valuable assets are the people that receive services and the people we employ. Mains’l looks to its employees to share their experiences, suggestions and general feedback which allow us to improve as an organization. To support this culture, Mains’l encourages employees and supervisors to meet and talk regularly. Employees and their supervisor meet and talk about what is working, not working, and ways to improve the work environment throughout employment at Mains’l. Examples may include feedback related to an employee’s onboarding experience, training offered to them, performance feedback tools, and annual employee satisfaction and engagement surveys.

Additionally, an exit survey may be conducted with an employee who is exiting the company. Mains’l’s goal is to obtain information that will be helpful to identify what worked well and did not work well during an employee's tenure, this information helps us identify ways to improve the work environment, reduce turnover, and increase engagement in our workforce. Receiving insight and feedback from exiting employees helps Mains’l to understand why employees are leaving and what could be done differently during their employment.

The exit survey may be conducted by a representative of human resources through a face to face meeting or through electronic survey administration.


The primary method for soliciting employee feedback is through survey. The methods Mains’l uses to solicit feedback are in person meetings, paper surveys, or digital mediums. Additionally, employees are also able to provide comments directly through the Mains’l website.

These feedback requests are administered at times or intervals determined by Mains’l. The person requesting the information from an employee is also typically the designee for collection of the feedback. Additionally, exit surveys may be administered by a human resources representative or supervisory level employee.

Participation in the exit survey is voluntary. The responses remain confidential where possible. The responses will be used to identify circumstances around an employee’s exit from Mains’l.

Questions may include:                                                                                    

  • Why are you leaving?
  • What could we have done differently?
  • Would you refer someone you know to work at Mains’l?
  • Other questions as requested.

We ask that in any and all feedback you provide throughout your employment, that you do so honestly and truthfully. We thank you in advance for your feedback as it assists Mains’l in learning what is working and not, and allows us to improve as an organization.