Review Each Timesheet for Accuracy and Completeness


Timesheets are verified for accuracy and completeness either manually or with software called <<Insert if you have software that supports timesheet validation>>. Each timesheet is reviewed to ensure the following fields are correctly completed: 

  1. Signatures by both the workers and employer are on the timesheet (Note: see section listed in procedure for specific policy if a participant/employer passes away during a payroll period in which a workers has worked)
  2. Start and end dates of the payroll cycle
  3. Time in and time out for each day worked
  4. AM and PM completion for each day worked
  5. Consumer Number
  6. Employer signature
  7. Employee signature
  8. Total hours worked for each week
Any fields that are not correctly and accurately completed are either corrected by F/EA Payroll Department or are submitted to F/EA Customer Service Unit. Customer Service Unit contacts participant to correct timesheets as applicable.

Verify Timesheets for Accuracy and Completeness

The review of the timesheets for accuracy and completeness is performed by <<Staff Title>> and assigned staff.
  1. <<Staff Title>> or assigned staff double clicks on Teleform icon on desktop
  2. <<Insert process used to verify timesheet accuracy>>
  3. Verify that the participant has completed all necessary paperwork prior to the timesheet being processed
  4. <<Insert the process used to verify that all program requirements have been met>>
  5. Verify that the participant number on the timesheet exists in the Payroll System and pull up the participant name associated with the participant number for verification
  •  The participant’s name and number require verification.

6.  Verify that the Employee ID number on the timesheet exists in the Payroll System and pull up the workers name associated with the Employee ID for verification

  • The workers’s name and number require verification.
7.  If it doesn’t, <<Staff Title>> or assigned staff logs in to Payroll System and looks up the workers by the last name written on the timesheet
8.  Verify that the workers has completed all necessary paperwork and met all requirements prior to the timesheet being processed
9.  Verify that the Signature <<insert the program requirements for Signature verification.>>
10. Verify that the dates on the timesheet coincide with the payroll cycle
11. If the begin and end dates are not within 3 days of the pay cycle dates, go to step 10.
  •  If the dates on the timesheet are for future dates, the timesheet should not be processed

12. Verify that the total hours worked each day match the difference between the in and out times on the timesheet.

  •  <<Insert what to do if hours don't match>>

Verify that the total hours worked for the week match the sum of the daily totals for each week.

  • Identify the weekly totals that do not match the sum of daily totals for each week.
  • Update the weekly totals to match the sum of daily totals

13.  For any timesheet verification errors that cannot be resolved, do the following:

  • Print image of timesheet (if verifying electronic timesheet)
  • Write <<the batch number>> on the timesheet and the problem with the timesheet
  • Give the timesheets with problems to <<Staff Title>>
  • Customer Service Unit will contact consumers as applicable
  • After verifying all timesheets in a batch, <<Staff Title>> or assigned staff will be assigned another batch to verify
  • Each Batch is saved as the verification is completed, the batch status will change to “Ready to be committed”
  • This completes the review of the timesheets for completeness and accuracy. 

Commit Timesheets for Payment

  • Processing of the timesheets for payment is the responsibility of the Payroll Department staff only. Payroll staff are the only personnel authorized to perform the steps below.
  1. For any batches with a status of “Ready to be committed” <<adjust process per software system below>>
  2. Select “Commit"
  3. A message displaying, “Do you want to commit the batch?” will display
  4. Select “Yes”
  5. The batch status will change to “Batch is Complete”
  6. These batches will be picked up by Payroll System
  7. Identify any batches that have a number greater than zero in the “Nonforms” column     

Process to Sign Timesheet if a Consumer Passes Away in Payroll Period

  • Timesheets are required to be signed by a participant or representative. The procedure below outlines the process to execute the timesheet in the event the participant passes away during a payroll period in which a workers has worked. In no instance are Counselor staff authorized to sign a participant’s timesheet.
  1. If the participant has a representative or legal guardian, the representative or legal guardian should sign the timesheet
  2. If the participant does not have a representative, then a relative or caretaker who is not the workers is authorized to sign the timesheet
    • The relative or caretaker must submit with the timesheet a letter stating the date that the participant passed away
    • This date is compared to the last date worked on the timesheet and no time worked after the participant’s date of death are paid

3.  If none of the above are available, the <<Staff Title>> or <<Staff Title>> will sign the timesheet.


Internal Controls: 

 The internal controls used by F/EA to monitor this process establish responsibility, segregate duties, document procedures and ensure independent internal verification.

  1. All systems are password protected
    • Only staff with direct responsibility for certain payroll duties have password access to systems’ functions
  2. The <<>> system automatically compares the participant number written on a timesheet to participant numbers in the Payroll System
    • This systematic process ensures that timesheets are not paid for consumers who have not successfully completed all F/EA Start-Up paperwork.
  3. The <<>> system automatically validates mathematical calculations.
  4. The <<>> system automatically identifies timesheets with future dates.
  5. The <<>> system automatically identifies any timesheets missing workers or participant signatures.
  6. Verification of timesheet accuracy and follow-up with consumers are segregated duties within F/EA.
    • The Payroll Department is responsible for verifying timesheets for accuracy.
    • The Customer Service Unit is responsible for contacting consumers to correct timesheets as applicable.
  7. Any timesheets that are manually verified are initialed and dated by the <<Staff Title>> or assigned staff who manually checks them.
  8. All timesheets are stored in <<>> for a minimum of 7 years per File Retention Policy.