Issue Welcome Package to Consumer


After a participant’s budget is received by F/EA, validated for accuracy and entered into Payroll System, a Welcome Package is sent to the participant. Welcome Packages are only sent to consumers after their first budget is received by F/EA. A Welcome Package is sent to the participant within 3 business days of entering the budget in the Payroll System. 


The Welcome Package is issued when the participant is totally ready to receive and direct service in the program.  This means that the Welcome Package is issued after all employer paperwork has been received by the F/EA and verified as correct and an authorized budget for the participant has been received by the F/EA.  The Welcome Package alerts the participant that they can now hire staff, purchase goods and receive services.  The Welcome Package also provides the participant with other information and documents that they will use in the management of their program.

Usually, the Welcome Package is only sent when the participant starts their program and it is not sent again.

The <<Staff Title>> issues the Welcome Package.
  1. After entering budget information in Payroll System, <<Staff Title>> prepares Welcome Package to be sent to participant
  2. The Welcome Package is only issued to the participant after F/EA receives the participant’s first budget and all employment paperwork has been deemed complete.  Welcome Packets are not sent to the participant following receipt of subsequent budgets.
  3.  <<Staff Title>> is provided a list of new consumers for whom Welcome Packages should be issues.
  4. Budgets for these consumers are entered in to applicable systems (See previous chapter) and issued Welcome Packages
  5. <<Staff Title>> obtains Welcome Letter template from <<Insert File Path>>
  6. On Welcome Letter, <<Staff Title>> enters today’s date in “Date”
  7. On the blank line following “Your Consumer ID is ______”, enter participant ID
  8. Enter participant first and last name in appropriate place on Welcome Letter
  9. <<Staff Title>> obtains a complete Welcome Package from <<file path or physical storage>>
  10. Each Welcome Package includes the following documents
  • Overview of F/EA's services, operations and key roles and responsibilities
  • F/EA hours of operation and key contact information
  • Timesheets
  • -These are used for workers and consumers to report service provided by the workers
  •   Invoices
  • -These are used for non-workers goods and services requisitions
  • Termination Form
  • -The participant completes this form and submits it to F/EA when they terminate a workers
  •  Change and Request Form
  • -This form is used for the participant to request changes to their or their workers’s address, telephone number or other contact information
  • Notification of Reinstatement of Worker
  • -This form is used for a participant to notify F/EA that they are re-hiring a workers
  •  Policies
  • -<<Insert Policies that F/EA wishes to share with participant>>
  • Fraud and Abuse Policy
  • <<Staff Title>> obtains manila envelope from shipping supplies storage area
  • Obtain participant or representative mailing address
  • Mail envelope to participant or representative


Internal Controls: 

The internal controls used by F/EA to monitor this process establish responsibility, segregate duties, document procedures and ensure independent internal verification.

  1. All systems are password protected
    • Only staff with direct responsibility for certain budget duties have password access to systems
  2. All Welcome Package documents are maintained in a secure location within F/EA Department
  3. When a Welcome Package document is updated all copies of previous form versions are discarded from Welcome Package document storage location
    • This ensures that only the most up to date versions of documents are included in Welcome Packages
  4. Issuing Welcome Packages is the responsibility of <<Staff Title>>. Customer Service and Payroll staff are not authorized to issue Welcome Packages.
  5. Only F/EA Department staff have access to Welcome Package contents
    • Envelopes are sealed prior to delivering to F/EA front desk staff who stamp and mail Welcome Package