Issue Stop Payments and Replacement Checks for Checks Reported Lost or Stolen

If a check is reported to F/EA Customer Service as lost or stolen, F/EA stops payment on the original check and issues a replacement check within 5 days of receiving <<written notification>> from the participant.

Customer Service Receives Notification

F/EA’s Customer Service Unit first receives notification from the participant or representative that a check has been lost or stolen. Customer Service verifies the check mailing address and that the check was sent. Customer Service updates the participant address as applicable. <<Customer Service requests that participant submits to F/EA a stop payment request in writing.>>
  1. When Customer Service receives a call that a check should be reissued, the <<Staff Title>> must first ask the caller to identify himself or herself.
  2. <<The <<Staff Title>> must verify that the caller is the participant or representative>>
  3. If it is, continue to step 5
  4. << If the caller is not the participant or representative, <<Staff Title>> informs the caller to ask the participant or representative to contact F/EA>>
  5. <<Staff Title>> verifies in the payroll system whether the check in question was paid
  6. <<Insert process to check this in payroll system>>
  7. <<Staff Title>> verifies check delivery address
  8. <<Insert process to check mailing address in system>>                                                         
  9. Notify the caller of the check number that was originally issued
  10. <<Request from the participant a “Stop Payment” letter containing the following information:
    • Consumer and Worker Name
    • Payroll period paid on the check
    • Check number
    • Explanation of why a replacement check is required
    • Consumer or representative’s signature>>

11.  Remind the caller that if they do receive the original check, they must contact F/EA to inquire if it can be cashed prior to cashing it

12.  Log description of call in Customer Service tab of Payroll System

13.  Use code to denote the type of call being logged

14.  Open the Stop Payment Requests Form at <<File Path>>

15.  Complete the form including the following information on the Stop Payment Request Form:

  • Caller’s name
  • Date of Call
  • Consumer Number
  • Consumer Name
  • Worker Name
  • Consumer/Representative Phone Number
  • Payroll Period
  • Check number
  • <<Staff Title>> name
  • Reason for Stop Payment
  • A note that the address was verified
  • A note that if the address was incorrect, the correct address is now in the payroll system

16.  Attach copy of check stub to Stop Payment Request Form

17.  <<Keep this package of documents until the written request for stop payment is received from the participant or representative>>

18.  <<Staff Title>> stores the request in “Stop Payment Requests” folder

19.  <<Once the written request for stop payment is received, log that it has been received in the Consumer’s Customer Service tab in Payroll System>>

20.  <<Attach written request for stop payment to copies of check stub and P/R Delivery Address page and Stop Payment Request Form>>

21.  Provide entire package to  <<Staff Title>>  to issue stop payment and replacement check

Payroll Department Process Stop Payment and Replacement Check
F/EA’s Payroll Department receives a package of Stop Payment documents from the Customer Service Unit after <<the participant has issued a written request,>> the delivery address has been verified and Customer Service has verified that a check was actually mailed. After receiving applicable documents, <<Staff Title>> verifies with the bank that the original check has not yet been cashed.   If it has not, a stop payment and a replacement check are issued.
  1. <<Staff Title>> or designated officer verifies with the bank online if the check was cashed (See Processing Online Stop Payment below)
  2. If the check was not cashed, process a stop payment requisition with the bank using the online process (See Processing Online Stop Payment below)
  3. Print a copy of the online transaction
  4. <<Staff Title>> or designated officer must sign and date check print out information (in stop payment package received from Customer Service)
    • Attach a copy of the online transaction to this stop payment package
  5.  <<Staff Title>> or <<Staff Title>> completes a A/P Check Requisition including:<<update this process per the process actually used by the F/EA>>
    • In Vendor Name, complete with workers Name and Address
    • In Description, enter “Reference: Consumer Name and Number”
    • In Description, enter the reason a manual check is requested
    • Specify the account number to be affected
    • Specify the amount for which the check should be paid
    • Check boxes in the lower right corner can be completed to denote where to mail the check
    • Complete the “Date Submitted”
    • Complete the “Submitted By”
    • The requisition is always submitted by <<Staff Title>> or F/EA CFO
  1. The person listed in “Submitted By” must sign the form
  2. <<Staff Title>> scans signed check print out information and A/P Check Requisition form
    • <<Staff Title>> or Lead <<Staff Title>> attaches scanned image of signed check print out information and e-mails to F/EA Accounts Payable Department with a subject “Check Requisition”
    • Upon receipt of this requisition, F/EA Accounts Payable Department issues a replacement check dated the day of the authorized request
    • After printing the check, F/EA Accounts Payable Department submits an image of check to F/EA Payroll Department
  3. <<Staff Title>> or <<Staff Title>> attaches all documents after verifying that all data is correct
  4. Record voided check information in Void and Reissue log
    • Open Void and Reissue log spreadsheet found here: <<File Path>>
    • Enter the following information in the Void and Reissue log.  Information is found on the documents developed as part of the stop payment process
  • Consumer name
  • Worker/vendor name
  • Check number for stop payment
  • Check amount
  • Date participant or representative reported the missing check
  • Reason for stop payment
  • Date stop payment was made with the bank
  • Payroll staff member’s signature on check print out (payroll staff who authorized the stop payment)
  • F/EA staff name who received call from participant or representative of missing check
  • Name of caller
  • Confirmation of check delivery address
  • FI explanation of issue (why original check was not received by participant)
  • Replacement check number
  • Replacement check date
  • Initials of payroll staff monitoring this transaction
  1. After recording this information, place participant’s stop payment package of documents in the “Void and Reissue” binder for storage
Issue a Stop Payment Online
The <<Staff Title>> or designated officer can issue a stop payment with F/EA’s bank online. Only the <<Staff Title>> and designated officers have log in and password access to the online bank site.
  1. <<Staff Title>> or designated officer goes to bank website: <<insert bank website>>
  2. Enter Company ID: (This will be assigned as needed)
  3. Enter Company password: (This will be assigned as needed)
  4. Enter User ID: (This will be assigned as needed)
  5. Enter User password : ( This will be assigned as needed)
  6. Select “Submit”
  7. Verify if check was cashed
  8. Go to “Balance Reporting” on menu
  9. Select “Account Summary”
  10. Select <<insert bank account name>>
  11. In “From” date, enter the check date
  12. In “To” date, enter today’s date
  13. Select “Submit”
  14. Sort report by field by which you wish to search
  15. Attempt to identify check in question
  16. If check cannot be found, the check has not been cashed.  Go to Step 18.
  17. If check is found, the check has been cashed
  • Obtain the Check Stub print out
  • Write on print out that check was cashed and the date check was cashed
  • If check was cashed in a prior month, obtain check image in bank statement from F/EA Accountant
  • Provide this information to Customer Service
  • Customer Service will contact the participant

18.  Select “Account Services”

19.  Select “Stop Payment”

20.  Select “Add Stop Payment”

21.  Select “Account Number”

22.  Select “Reason for stop Payment”

23.  Enter Check Number; Check Amount; Issue date and Payee.

24.  Select “Add”  

25.  Verify the accuracy of the data.

26.  Select “Process”  

27.  The screen will change to confirm. 

28.  Print Confirmation page


Internal Controls: 

The internal controls used by F/EA to monitor this process establish responsibility, segregate duties, document procedures and ensure independent internal verification.

  1. All systems are password protected
    • Only staff with direct responsibility for certain payroll duties have password access to systems
  2. Customer Service Unit verifies mailing address with participant or representative to ensure that F/EA is mailing to the appropriate address
  3. <<F/EA requires stop payment request in writing>>
  4. Only the <<Staff Title>> or designated officer is authorized to issue stop payments with the bank
    • Only these individuals have bank log in information to authorize stop payments
  5. <<Staff Title>> or designated officer review and sign stop payment package prior to providing to Lead <<Staff Title>>
  6. Lead <<Staff Title>> verifies that <<Staff Title>> or designated officer has signed stop payment package prior to faxing request for replacement check to reporting agent
  7. An A/P Check Requisition form is completed, dated and signed by <<Staff Title>>
    • <<Staff Title>> reviews A/P Check Requisition form and supporting documents
    • <<Staff Title>> signs A/P Check Requisition form prior to submitting to F/EA Accounts Payable Department
    • F/EA Accounts Payable Department will not re-issue a check without <<Staff Title>> signature on A/P Check Requisition form
  8. After reissuing a check, the F/EA Accounts Payable Department submits an image of the check to Payroll Department
    • Payroll Department uses this image as proof that the check was printed and issued to the workers
  9. All voided checks are recorded in a log, including information on F/EA staff who authorized the stop payment and reissue