Collect and Date Stamp Timesheets & Invoices


Timesheets are submitted to F/EA by consumers on a bi-weekly basis according to the payroll calendar schedule. All timesheets must be received by at the Fiscal/Employer Agent Office by <<4:00 PM on the Monday>> after the payroll period ends.

Timesheets are accepted via <<drop-off, mail, fax, and/or online>>. A separate timesheet must be completed for each employee.
Each timesheet must include the following:
Time in and time out for each day worked
Employer Signature
Employee Signature
Service Code for the Service performed by the workers

Faxed Timesheets

  1. Consumers are encouraged to fax timesheets to the F/EA as stated in the timesheet instructions in the Start-Up Package
  2. The timesheet fax number is <<XXX-XXX-XXXX>>
  3. Timesheets faxed to the timesheet fax number go directly to the <<verifier system>>
    • Timesheets faxed to the timesheet fax number are automatically date stamped by the system as they are picked up by the system
  4. Timesheets are processed via the standard process
Mailed and Dropped Off Timesheets
  1. Consumers can mail timesheets to F/EA or drop them off at the F/EA at <<insert address here>>.
  2. Timesheets that are mailed to F/EA are opened and processed daily
  3. Timesheets that are dropped off at the F/EA drop box by 3PM daily, are collected daily from the drop-off box and processed
  4. Payroll Representative collects all dropped off or mailed timesheets each day at 3:15 PM
  5. Payroll Representative takes timesheets to date stamp machine and date stamps the timesheet
  6. <<Where do timesheets go for the next phase of processing?>>
Internal Controls: 

The internal controls used by F/EA to monitor this process establish responsibility, document procedures and ensure independent internal verification. 

  1. Only F/EA Personnel are authorized to pick up timesheets and other Fiscal/Employer Agent paperwork the F/EA Drop-Off box.
  2. All timesheets are date stamped immediately upon receipt.
  3. <<Staff Title>> verifies that each scanned batch is accepted by the system.