Mains’l may issue corporate credit cards to employees, based on their position and recommendation by their supervisor, for business related purposes.


Credits cards may be issued to employees, based on their position and supervisor recommendation, and meet the following criteria:
1.    Have been employed for at least six (6) months at Mains’l or based on supervisor’s recommendation.
2.    Have demonstrated competence in managing financial systems according to policy and procedure.

Eligible employees may be required to do one or more of following:
1.    Sign the Approval Credit Rating form authorizing a personal credit rating check.
2.    Sign a Credit Card Agreement.
3.    Complete training with a credit card program administrator.

Cardholders agree to:
1.    Limit purchases to items that are necessary and reasonable within the agency and department budgets.
2.    Not use credit card(s) for personal use.
3.    Submit statement for approval within five (5) days from receipt of statement.
4.    Notify the credit card program administrator immediately if the card is lost or stolen.

Statements for credit cards are mailed/emailed monthly to the cardholder for processing.
Card holders are required to code and submit statements for payment.
1.    Statement Coding: 

  •  Accurately code purchases to the appropriate department and account number. 
  • Attach proper receipts, for each item purchased, in the order they appear on the credit card statement
    • For paper statements paperclip (do not staple) statement with corresponding receipts/invoices to be submitted.
  • Ensure that the total amount coded matches the total credit card statement balance.
  • Any purchases larger than $2,500 will be considered as a capitalization.  See Mains’l’s Capitalization Policy.

2.    Statement Submission:

  • Submit statement and corresponding receipts/invoices for review and approval by your supervisor within five (5) days. 
  • The cardholder’s supervisor is required to approve the statement for payment within five (5) days of cardholder submission.
  • Paper statements are due to accounts payable within 10 days from date received with proper coding and approval.

3.    Termination of corporate credit cards:

  • Mains’l maintains the right to revoke corporate credit cards at any time.
  • When an employee holding a corporate credit card terminates employment from Mains’l, the card is returned to the supervisor.
  • The supervisor is responsible for notifying credit card program administrator of any terminated employment.
Internal Controls: 

Approval Credit Rating form
Capitalization Policy
Credit Card Agreement form
Wells Fargo Reference Guide