Damage to Employee Property


Mains’l recognizes that damage of employee property may occur while working with people we support or within the day to day completion of job responsibilities. To reduce the risk of damage to personal property, a collaborative effort between the agency and its employees is necessary. Mains’l reimburses employees whose personal property has been damaged in some situations as outlined in the procedure below.


Reimbursable Employee Property

  • Clothing, eye glasses, and wrist watches;
  • Employee vehicles;
  • Other personal property at the discretion of Mains’l.

*Damage to personal property resulting from negligence of the employee or violation of training protocols is not reimbursable.


  1. Within two (2) working days of an incident in which personal property has been damaged, the employee completes the “Employee Property Damage Report” with the following information:
    • Date of incident;
    • Description of incident;
    • Item/article of damage;
    • Type of damage;
    • Cost of repair or replacement 
      • When there is damage to an article of clothing or a watch, the maximum reimbursement is $25.00.
      • Eye glasses are reimbursed at the actual cost of repair or replacement. The cost of an eye exam is not reimbursable.
    • If applicable, name of person receiving service responsible for the damage.
    • If the damage exceeds $250.00, 3 estimates are submitted.
  2. The supervisor analyzes the report, recommends necessary action, signs the report, and forwards it to the HR designee who will investigate the incident and damage and make a determination.
  3. The HR designee will request that a check is made payable to the store or repair center upon submission of a written estimate or invoice or to the employee upon submission of a paid receipt for the repair or replacement.
  4. The “Employee Property Damage Report” is maintained by the HR designee.

Employee Property Damage Report