Employees occasionally need information in regards to their employment for personal or professional reasons (verifications of employment, references, etc.) and Mains’l is able to provide record of the information to the employee upon request. 

Mains’l protects employee information, and only releases employee information in the following circumstances: 

  1. When obligated to provide information about employees to county, federal and state governments, when required and mandated by law or other government processes (for licensed or unlicensed services).
  2. Mains’l releases general employment information to outside agencies and current or former employees according to the guidelines set forth in this procedure. 

The release of employee information in the form of reference checks to facilities similar in scope and services to Mains’l is in accordance with MN Statute: (H.F. No. 3092 sec. 4 [604A.33]) titled “Reference Checks by Certain Health Care Providers and Facilities”. The statute further states that no action may be brought against an employer who discloses information regarding a former or current employee to a prospective employer if the information provided is in accordance with the statute. This information is released to prospective employers, upon written request, and with a signed release from the current or former employee.

Mains’l, solicits information as a prospective employee and does not release or disclose the information it receives to other prospective employers. 

All other requests for employee information are released according to MN Statute 181.960.

All requests from outside agencies, unless mandated by law, are accompanied by written consent from the employee.


All requests for employment information, by outside agencies or current or former employees are forwarded to and answered by the human resources department. 

All requests from outside agencies must be in writing and must include a signed release from the employee. Any information provided to an outside agency must also be in writing.

The requested information cannot be transmitted by Mains’l to an outside agency.

Mains’l releases information according to the following guidelines. These guidelines are in accordance with MN Statute: (H.F. No 3092 sec. 4 [604A.33]):

Upon written request from an outside agency, Mains’l may disclose, in writing, the following information about a current or former employee. This information cannot be provided without the written authorization of the current or former employee:

  1. Dates of employment;
  2. Compensation and wage history; and
  3. Position.

Mains’l has a 72 hour turn-around time for all verifications of employment. 

Employees have the right to review the content of their employee file, upon written request to Human Resources, once every 6 months, and once a year after separation of employment. Mains’l has a 7 day turn-around time for personnel file requests (see Employee File and Employee Request for Records Policy and Procedure).


Employee File and Employee Request for Records Policy and Procedure
Employee Release of Information Request