Employees who desire to advance their professional development may apply for education assistance. This education assistance program provides reimbursement to employees for their educational expenses. 

Mains’l supports employees who wish to continue their education in order to secure increased responsibility and career growth. Mains’l firmly believes education from all sources - college, community, seminars and conferences benefits the employee and the agency.

Mains’l budgets for education assistance expenses each year, and approval of employee requests for assistance is subject to these available funds.


Eligible employees are regularly scheduled (full time or part time), have successfully completed their training requirements and have been employed by Mains’l for a minimum of six (6) months prior to the course.

Eligible employees are in good standing with the agency, and have had no written performance feedback conversations within the last six months.

Educational opportunities eligible for assistance are those which develop the employee’s competence in his/her current position, or prepare them for a position to which they may be interested within Mains’l. 

Eligible courses for education assistance are those that require attendance during off-work hours.

Eligible courses for education assistance are provided by:

1.    Accredited colleges or universities;
2.    State or public school systems, adult education systems;
3.    Vocational or trade schools;
4.    Institutions offering seminars, programs, or conferences.

Mains’l will reimburse staff up to a maximum of $300 per course up to maximum of $1200 per 12 month period. 

Employees will secure a passing grade of “C” or above to receive any reimbursement. Expenses are validated by receipts and a copy of the final grade or certification presented to human resources prior to reimbursement. 

Covered expenses include tuition, fees and books required to satisfactorily complete the coursework. Other miscellaneous expenses such as, but not limited to parking, supplies, athletic fees and day care are not reimbursable. Mains’l will not reimburse any expenses covered by any other financial aid that does not have to be repaid (i.e. GI Bill, scholarships, and grants). 

Applications are approved quarterly (end of March, June, Sept & Dec.)

Approval does not entitle the employee to automatic, ongoing assistance. Each time an eligible employee would like to receive education assistance they need to apply for it.

How to Apply
Applicants complete the Education Assistance Application. Application forms are available on the Mains’l website through the employee portal. 

Submit the completed application to the Human Resources Department. Applications and grades submitted later than one year after the date of the course will not be reimbursed.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for interpreting the Educational Assistance Policy and Procedure. Deviations to this policy and procedure must be approved by the Human Resources Department. 


Education Assistance Application

Rev. 10-08-2019