Although Mains’l hopes that employment with the company will be a mutually rewarding experience, it is understood that circumstances arise that cause separation of employment. Should this time come, employees are asked to follow the guidelines below regarding notice and exit procedures.

The employee is responsible for returning all Mains’l property (keys, phone, etc.) to the supervisor prior to or on their last day of employment.

When an employee resigns/is separated from employment at Mains’l, PTO is paid in the final paycheck and the PTO account is reset to zero.


Employee Resigns from Mains’l

We ask employees to submit a written notice of resignation to the immediate supervisor which includes the date that notice is given, the last day of work, the reasons for the resignation and the employee’s signature (The Mains’l form, “Letter of Resignation” may be used.)  If there is a forwarding address, that information should also be provided at this time.

Employees are encouraged to provide a thirty (30) day written notice in advance of resigning from their position with Mains’l. The thirty (30) day notice is essential to facilitating a smooth transition out of the company as well as to hire a new employee to the position.

If an employee quits without giving notice, Mains’l will provide the final paycheck within 72 hours. If the employee quits and gives at least 72 hours’ notice, the final paycheck is given to the employee at the end of their shift on their last day.

Employees Separated for Performance/Misconduct

California is an at-will state, meaning that an employee may be terminated with or without cause at any time and for any lawful reason, with or without advance notice. Separation usually follows an unresolved job performance correction or disciplinary period but it may be immediate following an investigation into employee misconduct or other serious offenses.  If negligent or criminal behavior or abuse or neglect are the grounds for separation, possible criminal charges may be filed against the employee.

The final paycheck is given to the employee at the time of their separation. 

Employees That Are Separated From Mains’l for Reorganization or Economic Necessity

When a separation occurs due to reorganization or economic necessity, employees who are interested in resuming employment with Mains'l should submit a written statement of interest. Employees are rehired according to the skill needs of the agency.

The final paycheck is given to the employee at the time of their separation.

Inactive Employees

Employees who have not worked for three (3) months are separated from employment at Mains’l. If an employee is re hired more than six (6) months after their last day of work, they are considered a new employee and all orientation requirements must be fulfilled.