Mains’l employees may be requested to provide medical clearances at times during their employment, to provide for the health and wellbeing of all employees in the workplace. Any current employee with symptoms or signs of a communicable disease is prohibited from working until freedom from disease is documented by a health care provider. 

If a current employee is absent from work for three (3) or more days due to illness, a statement from a health care provider may be requested before the employee is allowed to return to work. Any qualifying leave of absence due to a medical condition or return from a workers compensation injury requires a medical clearance for an employee to return to work.

California only: New employees of Mains'l may be required to complete an employee health screening report and TB test declaring that their physical and health is suitable to meet the responsibilities of their position


For employees to return to work from a known communicable disease, workers compensation injury, or a medical leave of absence, the employee provides a medical clearance directly to their supervisor who will submit to Human Resources. Once provided, the employee is able to return back to work. 

For absences from work for three days or more due to illness, employees whom are requested will provide a medical clearance directly to their supervisor who will submit to human resources. Human Resources will maintain a record in the medical portion of the personnel file.    

California only: Mains’l Human Resources department will provide employees with the employee health screening report and this is completed with a TB test by the employee prior to beginning employment. Mains’l reserves the right to designate the health care provider and incurs the expense.


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