Report New Hires


State law requires that all newly hired employees are reported to the <<Insert Agency Name>> by employers within <<Insert No. of Days>> days of the employee’s first day on the job. 

F/EA tracks all newly hired employees and ensures that they are appropriately reported on the new hire report that the F/EA submits to <<Insert Agency Name>> weekly.  Confirmation of a new hire report being submitted to <<Insert Agency Name>> is tracked in a control document stored at F/EA.



1.      As Worker Hire Packages are completed, quality checked and entered into the payroll system the <<insert how F/EA tracks new hires>>
  • See <<File Path>> Hire list
2.      Once a week, the <<Staff Title>> (or assigned staff) creates a New Hire Report in the format required by <<Insert Agency Name>>
<<Insert how to create this report>>
3.      This report lists all employees that were hired by consumers in the last 7
  •  <<Staff Title>> (or assigned staff) opens <<File Path>> New Hire Report
  •  <<Staff Title>> (or assigned staff) sorts New Hire Report by Employer
  • Using the “New Hire Reporting” report provided by the reporting agent, <<Staff Title>> (or assigned staff) identifies each workers listed on the report in the Worker Package Hire List
  •   <<Staff Title>> tracks in Payroll System the date that the each workers was submitted on the New Hire Report
<<Insert Process to submit New Hire Report to the correct agency>>
<<Insert Process to show how you make sure this is regularly happening...a report to check for any employees who haven't had a New Hire Report date entered for them in the system?>>
Internal Controls: 

The internal controls used by F/EA to monitor this process establish responsibility, segregate duties, document procedures and ensure independent internal verification. 

The methods of internal control utilized by F/EA to distribute timesheets are:
  1. The payroll system is used to track that all employees are reported via the New Hire process.
  2. The control document is reviewed monthly to ensure that all employees have been reported via the new hire reporting process.
    • Any discrepancies are researched and resolved.