Collect and Process Worker Hire Package


Payment will not be issued to workers by F/EA without a completed Worker Hire Package.

All Worker Hire packages received by fax, mail or hand delivered must be date stamped immediately upon receipt and placed in the Worker Package In-Box located in the Payroll Department.
The Worker Hire Package includes all forms that a workers and participant or representative must complete prior to a workers beginning work. The Worker Hire Package is collected from consumers, workers or Counselors via fax, mail or drop-off. All packets are quality checked within 2 business days of receipt. All incomplete or out of date Worker Packages are returned to consumers, counselors or workers within 2 business days of receipt for correction. Data from Worker Hire Packages that meet a quality check without errors are entered into F/EA's payroll system.
All consumers must have an approved budget (or authorization) and an Employer Identification Number (EIN) before they can hire a workers. If a Worker Hire Package is received for a participant that does not yet have an approved budget (or authorization) or EIN, F/EA will hold the Hire Package for <<insert number>> days. If a budget (or authorization) or EIN is not received for the participant after <<insert number>> days, the Hire Package is returned to the participant's counselor.
F/EA cannot provide tax advice for completion of any forms. If consumers, representatives or workers have questions about the impact on their personal tax liability by completing forms, F/EA will suggest that workers contact the Internal Revenue Service or a tax professional.

Required Forms

These forms must be accurately completed and submitted to the F/EA prior to a workers beginning work. Any forms not listed in this section but included in the Worker Hire Package are optional and are applicable only if the workers meets the criteria outlined for the forms.
  1. Employee Agreement
  2. Employee Information Sheet
  3. Federal Form W-4 and Instructions (F/EA prefers to receive this completed form, but if form is not submitted, F/EA will withhold Federal Income Tax at the highest rate of Single with 0 Allowances)
  4. USCIS Form I-9
Quality Check for the Worker Hire Package
All Worker Hire Packages are quality checked immediately upon receipt. Forms that are not accurately or completely filled out are <<Insert F/EA's process for following up with workers/consumers>>. Under no circumstances does F/EA issue payment to a Worker if forms listed in the “Required Forms” section above are incomplete.
<<Staff Title>> are responsible for the quality checks for all forms in the Worker Hire Package. Staff complete a Quality Checklist to document which forms have been received and correctly completed. This form is used as an internal control to guide by the F/EA for documenting the quality checks and receipt of forms in the Worker Hire Packages.
Review of Worker Hire Package
  1. Check for the "Date Received" stamp.
  2. Find the Worker Hire Package Forms Checklist
  • Compare each form received against the boxes checked as completed and submitted by the participant.
  • At the bottom of the Quality Check form write in:
  • -the participant #
  • -F/EA staff name and date, and
  • -applicable information regarding each form
  1. Continue with verification process.
  2. Review the first form
  • Ensure that the following information is complete:

<<Insert requirements for quality check here>>



  1. Review Form W-4
  2. Ensure that the following information is complete:
  •  Box 1, First Name, Last Name (of Worker) and address
  •  Box 2, Social Security Number
  •  Marital Status
  •  Last name different to name on the social security Card
  •  Number # of Allowances
  •  Additional (deduction) amount requested
  •  Exemptions claimed
  •  Employee’s signature “certifying that the information is true, correct and complete” and the date
  •  Employer’s Name
  • If Line 3 and 5 are not completed the IRS guidelines states that the workers should be taxed as “single, 0”.
  • If line 3 is not completed and line 5 has a number, the employer will be taxed as “single, and the # of allowances”.
  • If line 3 is completed as “married” and line 5 is left blank. The workers will be taxed as “married, 0”.
  • Check the appropriate box on the Worker Hire package Forms Checklist; if the form was completed correctly. If information is missing, note briefly next to the form name, the missing information.
Note: F/EA cannot provide tax advice for completion of any forms. If consumers, representatives or workers have questions about the impact on their personal tax liability by completing forms, F/EA will suggest that workers contact the Internal Revenue Service or a tax professional.

8.  Review Form I-9

**This form must be verified with extraordinary attention to detail.
**Any mistakes or incompletion require that the form is returned to the participant immediately.
9.  Ensure that the following information is complete:
  • Section 1- Worker Last, First Name and Middle Initial
  • Worker Address
  • Worker Date of Birth
  • Worker City
  • Worker State
  • Worker Zip Code
  • Worker Social Security #
  • Worker MUST complete one of the three check boxes under “I attest, under penalty of perjury, that I am (check one of the following).   If either of the bottom two check boxes are checked, dates and Alien or Admission #s must be complete
  • Section 2 must be complete
  •  Per I-9 instructions, all applicable information from documents must be completed in Section 2.
  • For example, if a drivers’ license is shown under ‘List B’ the drivers’ license number, expiration date and name of licensed driver MUST be shown on the lines
  • -If any of the above are missing, Section 2 is incomplete
  • Verify that appropriate documents from each list are shown
  • Compare the provided documents to the list of acceptable documents on Page 2 of Form I-9
  • -If a List A document is provided, only one document is required
  • -If List B or C documents are provided, the workers must show one document from each list for a total of two documents
  • ‘Certification’ section must be complete 
  • Employer must enter the month/day/year that they reviewed and certified the workers’s documents
  • The Employer must Sign, Print their Name and Date the Certification section
  • The Employer must enter their address
  • The ‘Title’ field is not required to be completed by the employer
  • Section 3 is only required if the employer is updating or recertifying the workers’s work authorization status 
  • It is the duty of the employer to track when a workers must be recertified
  • F/EA does not track workers work authorization status
  • -Neither the workers nor employer should submit copies of identification documents to F/EA:
  • It is the employer’s responsibility to review documents and record them on Form I-9
  • F/EA will appropriately destroy any identification documents which are received with copies of Form I-9

10.  Review the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposits.

  • This form is not required unless the workers elects to have their payment directly deposited to their bank account

11. If the workers has completed this form, ensure the following fields are complete:

  • Bank Name
  • Bank Address
  • Depositor Account No.
  • Type of Account
  • Transit Routing Number
  • Account Number Information
  • Worker Name
  • Date
  • Worker Signature
  • Employer Name
  • A voided check (not a deposit slip) must be submitted with this completed form
12. If the worker has completed this form, ensure the following fields are complete:
  • Print or Type Full Name (Worker Name)
  • Social Security Number (Worker SSN)
  • Line 1 Check Box (Yes or No)
  • Line 2 Check Box (Yes or No)
  • Line 3 Check Box (Yes or No)
  • Signature (Worker Signature)
  • Date
Follow-Up on Incomplete Forms
If any of the forms are not completed as described in the section above action must be taken within <<X>> business days of F/EA receiving the forms. Use the following procedure to follow up with consumers regarding incomplete or inaccurate Worker Hire Packages.
1.      If any required sections of forms are incomplete or inaccurately completed, F/EA will follow-up with participant within 2 business days
2.    After identifying forms with problems and notating the problems on the control sheet, <<Staff Title>>, <<Staff Title>> (or assigned staff member) contacts via phone the workers’s participant.
  • Tell the consumer the forms with problems and explain what is incomplete or inaccurate about completion of the form
  • Notify the participant that they can complete only the form(s) with problems and fax it to F/EA
  • Notify participant that F/EA will hold the packet for 2 business days awaiting their faxed, corrected form(s) 
  • Notify participant that if the corrected form(s) are not received by F/EA within 2 business days, the entire Worker Package will be returned to the participant.
  • F/EA cannot enroll the participant’s workers until a fully complete Worker Hire Package is received.
  • If the participant prefers, F/EA can return the entire package to the participant immediately and the participant and workers can correct forms with issues and return the entire package to F/EA
  • Log all communication with the participant, including the deadline provided to the participant to fax a corrected form, in the Customer Service Module of the F/EA system
  • <<Staff Title>> or <<Staff Title>> (or assigned staff member) puts Worker Hire Package in a sorter for packages requiring follow up
  • Sort the package under the participant’s last name
  • Any Worker Hire Forms (as separate from a complete Worker Hire Package) that are received by F/EA are date stamped and then compared to packages in the sorter.
  • Any forms for consumers with packages in the sorter are added to those packages and quality checked
  • Customer Service Module of F/EA system is updated stating that the form (s) has/have been received, when forms are received
  • Every two business days, the <<Staff Title>> goes through the sorter.
  • Identify any packages remaining in the sorter that have not had updated forms received for them
  • For each participant with a package in the sorter, <Staff Title>> opens the Consumer's log in the Customer Service Module of the F/EA System
  • <<Staff Title>> checks to see the date in the Customer Service Log file by which any additional faxed forms would be accepted by F/EA (the deadline for faxing in corrected forms as provided to the participant)
  • If the deadline provided to the participant is today or before today, <<Staff Title>> contacts participant
  •  <<Staff Title>> notifies participant that because a completed form has not been received by F/EA by the deadline, F/EA is returning the package to the participant
  •  <<Staff Title>> urges participant to utilize sample documents in the back of the Worker Hire Package for assistance completing forms
  • <<Staff Title>> notifies participant to contact F/EA or Counselors for additional assistance completing forms
  •  <<Staff Title>> logs contact with participant in Customer Service Log for participant
  • <<Insert process for how F/EA resolves missing forms situation for workers and participant>>
  • When a complete Worker Hire Package is received, re-start process at Quality Check the Worker Hire Package
Record Worker Information in Applicable Systems
After a Worker Hire Package has cleared quality check for all forms, <<Staff Title>> or <<Staff Title>> (or assigned staff member) enters Worker information in applicable payroll systems, including the F/EA's payroll system.
  1. <<Insert process for entering workers and tax information into payroll system, including any workers FICA tax exemptions.  Insert process for connecting workers to participant in systems.  Insert process for recording workers mailing address>>


Internal Controls: 

The internal controls used by F/EA to monitor this process establish responsibility, segregate duties, document procedures and ensure independent internal verification.

The methods of internal control utilized by F/EA to collect and process Worker Hire Packages are:
1.            Worker Information is not entered into the payroll system until the Worker Hire Package has satisfactorily passed a quality check.
  • This ensures that workers with incomplete packages are not paid.
2.            All packages are date stamped immediately upon receipt.
  • Verification of date stamp occurs by a separate staff member when packages are entered in Payroll System
3.            During quality check, each form is separately initialed and dated as it passes a satisfactory quality check.
4.            A control sheet is used to Quality Check each packet.
  • During quality check, this control sheet is completed by the reviewer
  • The control sheet is reviewed secondarily during entry of workers information in to the payroll system