Respond to Social Security Request for Information Forms


Periodically, Social Security Administration Field Offices will request wage information about workers who work for consumers. These requests are mailed to the participant’s attention at the F/EA address. F/EA is responsible for completing all information and returning completed forms to the Social Security Administration Field Office in the postage paid envelope. 

The F/EA <<Staff Title>> reviews the form, collects requested information, copies and returns the form in the postage paid enveloped addressed to the applicable Social Security Administration Field Office. The F/EA <<Staff Title>> contacts the participant or representative to collect any information requested on the notification form that F/EA does not have.


  1. All Social Security Information Request forms are date stamped upon receipt
  2. <<Staff Title>> (or assigned staff) collects Social Security Information Request forms
  3. Staff logs in to Payroll System
  4. Enter username and password
  5. First verify that the workers listed actually worked for the employer listed
  6. Search for the employer listed on the form by last name in Payroll System
  7. After identifying the participant, write the participant’s ID number on the form
  8. Click on Cust. Service tab for the participant in Payroll System
  9. Review the files to see if any Termination Forms have been submitted for the participant
  10. If a “T” is entered on a note on the Cust. Service tab, the participant has submitted termination information for a workers, including the last date of work and the reason the workers is no longer working
  11. Review any notes with a “T”
  12. See if the note is for the workers listed on the form
  13.  If so, complete “Is the individual named above still employed…” with “Yes”
  14. Enter the last date worked in Section 1 of the form for “Last Date Worked”
  15. Enter the pay date for the corresponding work date for “Last Date Paid”
  16. If there is not a note with a “T” on the Cust. Service tab notes, call the participant or representative to inquire if the workers is still working for the participant
  17. If the workers is no longer working for the participant, record the information, coded with a capital “T” in the Customer Service notes tab
  18. Complete section 1 of the Request for Information form with the information collected from the participant or representative
  19. If the participant or representative cannot be reached, complete “Is the individual named above still employed…” with “No” and leave the “Last Date Worked” and “Last Date Paid” sections blank
  20. If “No” was checked in “Is the individual named above still employed…”, complete the rest of Section 1 of the form
  21. In “Current Rate of Pay”, enter the current workers Program day rate per hour
  22. Verify that the workers works for the participant and the dates the workers worked for the participant by reviewing timesheets
  23. Select “Search”
  24. Sort timesheet results by start date
  25. All timesheets for the participant will be listed with the workers’s name
  26. Find the workers listed on form and their last end date
  27. Enter the last end date after “Date Last Paid” on form
  28. After “How often paid” on form, write “biweekly”
  29. After “Rate of overtime pay” write current participant direction program overtime rate
  30. After “Average overtime pay per pay period” enter “0” <<unless overtime is permitted in the program, in which case enter the average overtime pay per pay period>>
  31. Leave “Please describe any changes you expect in any of the information shown above:” blank
  32. In Section 2, “Prior Wages”, collect the wages paid to the workers in each month
  33. <<Enter process to get this information>>
  34. After completing Section 2, add any additional information about the workers’s employment in Section 3: Additional Information
  35. <<Staff Title>> signs, dates and writes his/her title in Section 4
  36. <<Staff Title>> completes “Employer Name”, “Telephone” and “Fax” with contact information for the participant or representative
  37. The <<Staff Title>> scans the completed report and files it the participant file on <<File Path>>
  38. The <<Staff Title>> mails the completed report in the postage paid and addressed envelope provided with the form
Internal Controls: 

The internal controls used by F/EA to monitor this process establish responsibility, segregate duties, document procedures and ensure independent internal verification.

  1. The <<Staff Title>>, who is not responsible for payroll duties as part of normal duties, is responsible for collecting and verifying information for the Social Security Income Information Request Form
  2. The <<Staff Title>> verifies all information requested by Social Security Income Information Request Form in F/EA payroll systems
  3. All systems are password protected
    • Only staff with responsibility for certain payroll responsibilities have password access to systems
  4. The employer’s contact information is provided on the form.
    • The Social Security Administration verifies information with the employer as required