Enter Budget Information in Applicable Systems


F/EA ensures that consumers are not established in F/EA’s payroll system until a budget has been received (See Policy and Procedure document 4.4). This is an internal control to ensure that payments are not made on a participant's behalf until an approved budget has been received.

After a budget has been received for a participant and verified by <<Staff Title>>, and the Customer Service Unit has verified that all requirements have been met for the participant to begin paying workers (See Policy and Procedures <<>>), the <<Staff Title>> enters budget in the Payroll System. The <<Staff Title>> performs these tasks daily. 
A separate process exists for entering budget information for complete budgets and for budget extensions. Both processes are described below.

Enter Budgets (Not Extensions) in Payroll System

Use this process when a new budget for a participant has been received. Do not use the process when an extension of an existing budget has been received.
1.      <<Staff Title>> logs in to Payroll System by double clicking on the icon on the computer desktop
2.      Enter user name and password
3.      Search for the participant by the participant number written on the budget
4.      Select “Individual Budget” tab
  •  <<Insert Process to enter individual budget data into the payroll system and any checks or calculations that need to be made as part of the process.>>


Enter Budget Extensions or Amendments in Payroll System
In some cases, Program Administrator will issue a budget extension for a participant because their current budget has expired, but a new budget has not yet been issued. Extensions of budgets  are usually made for 1 month or less, but this is not a requirement. <<Staff Title>> enters extension information in the current budget portion of Payroll System.
Alternatively, an amendment to an existing budget may be submitted by Program Administrator.  Amendments are adjusted in the current budget portion of the Payroll System.
  1. Review PA extension
  2. <<Insert Process to enter Extensions/Amendments into Payroll System.  Include any necessary checks or calculations and/or people that should be notified of the change.>>
Internal Controls: 

The internal controls used by F/EA to monitor this process establish responsibility, segregate duties, document procedures and ensure independent internal verification.

  1. All systems are password protected
  2. Only staff with direct responsibility for certain budget duties have password access to systems
  3. Budget information cannot be entered in to Payroll System to permit payment of timesheets unless participant has been entered in Payroll System
  • Customer Service reviews when a participant has completed applicable paperwork to permit the participant to be entered in to Payroll System
    • This process ensures that <<Staff Title>> does not add budget to F/EA systems until Customer Service has ensured that the participant has completed all necessary paperwork
    • By not entering the budget in the Payroll system, payment of timesheets is not possible
    • This ensures that timesheets are not paid for a participant until all required information has been received
  1. <<Staff Title>> signs and dates each budget after entering in to Payroll System
  2. All Prior Authorization documents are stored for a minimum of 7 years, per F/EA file retention policy