Process Background Checks on Workers


<<Depending on the rules of the program, certain background checks may be required to be performed on workers before they are permitted to provide service.  The program may only require background checks for workers performing certain types of service.  For example, a workers performing "Respite Care" must have a background check, but a workers installing a ramp does not have to have a background check performed.

The program may require one or many types of background checks.  Some possible types of background checks are a criminal background check (state or FBI), a child abuse registry check, an adult/edler abuse registry check, or a sexual offender registry check.

Some programs may disallow a workers to provide service in the program if they have any offenses in their background check.  Others will only prohibit the workers providing service in the program if the workers has been convicted of certain kinds of offenses.  Still others require that if a workers has a offenses on his/her background check, that the participant complete an informed consent form, certifying that the participant is aware of the workers's offenses and still chooses to hire the workers.

The policy section of this document should set forth for what types of workers background checks are required, by when they must be performed, who performs them, and what occurs if a workers has offenses on his/her background check.  This section may also include how the payment for the background check is funded (e.g. by the F/EA, from the participant's budget or another approach.>>

  1. <<Staff Title>> obtains consent forms to have a background check performed from each prospective workers's employment package.
  2. <<Staff Title>> reviews the consent form for completion.
  3. <<Staff Title>> tracks that the consent form was recieved <<insert how that is tracked>> and submits the background check for processing.
  4. <<Insert to what entity and how the background check is submitted>>
  5. <<Staff Title>> tracks that background check was submitted for processing.
  6. Results are obtained from background check within X days of submitting request for background check.
  7. <<Staff Title>> reviews results.
  8. <<Insert process for reviewing results, including what should happen if offenses exist on a background check.>>
  9. <<Insert process for tracking that a background check was performed so that workers is approved to be paid.>>
  10. <<Insert any process for informing the participant or workers of workers's status in program (e.g. able to be paid or not).>>
Internal Controls: 
  1. <<Insert control that tracks that a consent form for a background check was received.>>
  2. <<Insert control that tracks that a background check was submitted to entity to check background.>>
  3. <<Insert control that ensures that a workers is not paid until satisfactory background check results are received, or informed consent from the participant is received.>>