Employer Start Up Packages


<<Before making changes to this chapter, identify who is authorized to operate as an employer in the program.  Some programs only allow consumers to be employers while others allow the participant to authorize another person (often called a representative) to operate as the employer>>  See General Policies for Consumer Employers

The Employer Start Up Package includes important introductory forms for the participant and all required forms for the participant or his/her representative to be established with tax agencies as an employer. This package also includes forms for the participant or representative to designate tax filing and payment responsibilities for the participant's employer accounts to F/EA.

A new participant receives the Start Up package from <<the participant's Counselor only after the Counselor has received a referral from Program Administrator.>> <<This package is provided to the participant or representative by the Counselor at the intake and orientation meeting.>> The Counselor goes over each form with the participant, helping the participant to understand and complete them.

<<Insert policy for how and when Employer Start Up Packages are produced and distributed.  Insert any program specific policies about production and distribution of Start Up packages.>>
Employer Start Up packages are completed by consumers or consumers' representatives
 The F/EA checks for updated forms on a monthly basis. As new versions of forms are identified, the Start Up Package is updated with the new version.
Upon request, F/EA submits a copy of the Employer Start Up Package to Program Administrator, participant direction program Manager.

<<Insert Process for how Employer Start-Up Packages are Distributed to Consumer Employers>>

Internal Controls: 

The internal controls used by F/EA to monitor this process establish responsibility, segregate duties, document procedures and ensure independent internal verification.

The methods of internal control utilized by F/EA to distribute Consumer Orientation Packages are:
  1. A control document is used to track checking for updated forms at least monthly.
  2. Staff verifies whether there are new forms in use at relevant agency websites prior to placing a printing order for new forms (See Stay Up to Date with Forms, Rules and Regulations)
  3. <<Insert other Internal Controls related to pre-populating and distributing Employer Start-Up Packages to Consumers>>