The following incidents and emergencies need to be reported as soon as possible, and no longer than 24 hours from when it occurs, or from the time you find out about it:

Any serious injury of a person defined as:

  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Evidence of internal injury
  • Head injuries with loss of consciousness
  • Lacerations involving injuries to tendons or organs, and those for which complications are present
  • Extensive second degree or third degree burns, and other burns for which complications are present
  • Extensive second degree or third degree frostbite, and others for which complications are present
  • Irreversible mobility or avulsion of teeth
  • Injuries to the eyeball
  • Ingestion of foreign substances and objects that are harmful
  • Near drowning
  • Heat exhaustion or sunstroke
  • All other injuries considered serious by a physician, i.e. self-injuries behavior and suicide attempts

A person’s death;

  • c.    Any medical emergency, unexpected serious illness, or significant unexpected change in an illness or medical condition of a person that requires a Mains’l staff to call 911, requires physician treatment, or hospitalization;
    d.    Any  mental health crisis that requires Mains’l staff  to call 911 or a mental health crisis intervention team, or similar mental health response team;
    e.    An act or situation involving a person that requires Mains’l staff to call 911, law enforcement, or the fire department;
    f.    A person’s unauthorized or unexplained absence (as determined by the individual’s support team):
    g.    Conduct by a person receiving services against another person receiving services that:
    o    Is so severe, pervasive, or objectively offensive that it substantially interferes with a person’s opportunities to participate in or receive service or support;
    o    Places the person in actual and reasonable fear of harm;
    o    Places the person in actual and reasonable fear of damage to property of the person; or
    o    Substantially disrupts the orderly operation of the supports and services in the home;

    h.    Any sexual activity between persons receiving services involving force or coercion;
    i.    Any emergency use of manual restraint;
    j.    A report of alleged or suspected maltreatment of a child or vulnerable adult.

Internal Controls: