As a residential service provider, Mains’l is responsible for household expenses on behalf of the people we support.  It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure payments are provided for services rendered that are charged by invoice or charged by account.  These services include, but are not limited to utilities, groceries, furniture, and home maintenance.

Managers, in conjunction with the senior managers, are responsible to manage these expenses in accordance to their established departmental budgets


All utility accounts managed and payable by Mains’l will be set up by the senior manager or manager.  All invoices will be mailed either to the main office or to the individual program site.  Each invoice should reference the address where service is provided.  

1.    Utilities included, but not limited to, are:

  • Basic cable services
  • Electric utilities
  • Gas utilities
  • Water and sewer
  • Lawn and snow removal
  • Garbage disposal
  • Telephone service
  •  Maintenance

2.    Invoices mailed to the main office will be distributed, by the receptionist, to the appropriate manager’s mailbox.

3.    The manager will code the invoices for payment, using an authorized vendor stamp.

  • Invoices are to be submitted to Accounts Payable within five (5) business days following the receipt of invoices.

4.    All invoices for people receiving services will be set up to be mailed to that person’s home.  Those include but are not limited to:

  • Medical supplies
  • Health club memberships
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Personal phone services
  • Cable services that are beyond the basic cable services

5.    Managers will ensure that the person receiving services pays for invoices for their personal services.

6.    Managers and/or senior managers are the only authorized persons to set up vendor accounts on behalf of Mains’l.

7.    Payment requests over $100.00 will be approved by the senior manager and/or manager.

8.    Grocery Accounts

  • Grocery charge accounts will be managed by the manager
    •  A grocery report will be completed each month and signed by the manager
    • Summarize the purchases
    • Code the purchases to the appropriate account
    • Submit the signed and completed report to Accounts Payable by the fifth (5th) business day of each month.

9.    The manager shall notify Accounts Payable of changes to authorized personnel who can use charge accounts.

10.    No gift cards shall be purchased on grocery charge accounts. 

11.    Any purchases larger than $2,500 will be considered as a capitalization.  See Mains’l’s Capitalization Policy.

Internal Controls: 

Capitalization Policy