Clinical Services Mandated Reporting in Minnesota


Mains’l protects people who receive services from maltreatment through education and clear expectations of what to do when you suspect a person has been harmed or is being harmed. Minnesota has multiple laws about maltreatment used to inform our actions.

Mains’l Clinical Services defines abuse as an expression of the misuse of power and control in a relationship. Abuse is any action or inaction that jeopardizes the health or wellbeing of a person. This can include physical, emotional, psychological, financial/economic, sexual, and spiritual or medication abuse, as well as passive or active neglect.


Clinical employees and/or clinical trainees follow mandated reporting requirements according to their governing licensing board. Suspected maltreatment must be reported within 24 hours of confirmed suspicion by the clinical employee or clinical trainee. 
To report:

  1. For Adults: Call 1-844-880-1574   or go to: to report
  2. For Children: Contact law enforcement or locate the local child welfare agency phone number by going to: or for a child living in foster care call 651-431-6600
  • Once a report has been made to the appropriate reporting agency the clinical employee and/or clinical trainee documents the report in the progress note section of Therapy Notes.    
  • Clinical trainees will seek clinical supervision from their clinical supervisor to review the report and request feedback on what are the appropriate next steps. 

For clients who receive multiple services from Mains’l for example; Community Residential Services (CRS) and Psychotherapy the clinical employee and/or clinical trainee follows both the reporting requirements according to their governing licensing board and Mains’l’ s policy and procedure on Responding to and Reporting Maltreatment in Minnesota. This may result in one or two reports being made on the same incident due to potentially different reporting guidelines.


Responding to and reporting maltreatment in Minnesota, policy and procedure